Give the Gift of Renewed Floors to Dad for Father's Day

May 6, 2015

Why not give him the gift of having them renewed by N-Hance® Wood Renewal for Father’s Day in June? N-Hance® Wood Renewal of Summit County, Ohio can renew the original shine and luster of a wood floor, saving Dad’s back in the process. Let our experienced refinishing technicians do the work, and give Dad a well-deserved break.

“I hear stories all the time from homeowners here in Northeastern Ohio that had their floors sanded and refinished.” said Bill Raeder, owner of N-Hance Wood Renewal of Summit County.  “There was dust everywhere and they kept finding it for a long time after the job was done. Owners had to leave their homes, during the process, and couldn’t put their furniture back on the floor for quite some time afterward.”  

N-Hance renews wood floors and other wood surfaces to their original shine and luster, or can provide a different luster of your choice. This is without the dust typically associated with refinishing. Just last month we renewed a floor in Akron, Ohio. The homeowners were surprised that we could complete the job in one day. They loved our Lightspeed® finish, which is cured instantly with a powerful U.V. light.  This allowed them to put their furniture back on the wood floors as soon as we left. Perfect so Dad can use his time for more leisurely pursuits.

You can call us for a FREE in-home estimate at 330-971-7900, or visit our webpage at for more information. We would love to renew your floors for Dad!

Renewed Floor

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"Nhance refinished our dining room floor. We had carpeting in there, but decided to rip it out and refinish the floor because the carpet was getting dirty all the time. Nhance did a wonderful job. The floor looks great."

Beverly L., Tallmadge

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