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June 11, 2015

Here in Northeastern Ohio a lot of our neighbors didn’t finish their projects. Does this sound familiar? We want to help you with the wood refinishing projects you didn’t finish, or you thought about starting and didn’t get to. Renewing your cabinets with N-Hance costs a fraction of the price to reface or replace them. Plus we can help make your wood floors have the shine and luster they had before. Imagine loving you kitchen again with a floor renewal and a cabinet color change.

Here are some tips for preserving your wood floors throughout the year:

  • Sun fading through the windows: Sunlight will lighten the color of your floors over time. To prevent this, close your blinds when nobody is at home, or have sheer curtains to filter rays.
  • Sun fading around furniture: Leaving belongings in the same location on your wood floors for a while can cause uneven aging. Move things around once in a while to ensure it all gets exposed to light equally. Raise your furniture when relocating to avoid scratching the floor.
  • High traffic areas: Sand and dirt can act like sandpaper. Taking your shoes off at the door helps protect the finish in these areas. Placing a carpet or rug on high traffic areas will extend the life span of your floors too!
  • How to sweep: It could seem more effective, but a vacuum can scratch the floor without having the correct attachment. Instead, sweep or dust mop before cleaning.
  • Cleaners: Harsh cleaners can make the finish wear down faster. We recommend using diluted wood cleaning solutions having a neutral pH.  Avoid cleaning solutions which contain petroleum, waxes or vegetable oil soaps, and never use bleach. Damp wiping with a simple solution of vinegar in water works well to clean hardwood. 
  • How to mop: An excessive amount of liquid while cleaning can saturate your wood and upturn the sides on the panels or cause discoloration. Make use of a dust mop, or if you have to a slightly-damp cloth or mop to clean up any spills.

You are able to call us for a FREE in-home estimate at 330-971-7900 or visit our webpage at www.neorenewal.com  for more information. We would love to refresh your floors and cabinets.

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"Your excellent crew did an outstanding job in removing the old sealant, getting the dirt and stains out of the grain, coloring the floor where necessary, and resealing the parquet to a beautiful sheen...bring[ing] back the warmth we enjoyed when the floors were new! What really surprised me, however, was the speed and 'lack of mess.' The entire house was done in a day and a half. We have 'new' floors at 1/5th the cost, with no hassle (or sanding dust). Keep up the good work."

James M.

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