Save your Wood Floors During the Holidays

December 14, 2015

In order to protect hardwood floors from elements such as rock salt, Christmas trees, spills and increased traffic from holiday parties, it is crucial for homeowners to take the necessary precautionary steps. N-Hance Wood Renewal of Summit County has the following tips to help keep hardwood floors in their best condition.

Real Christmas trees can be a hazard to hardwood floors because of the risk of water damage. By putting down a sheet of plastic, then placing a thick mat such as a doormat over the plastic you can help avoid water damage. This should help prevent any water from leaking onto the floor and damaging it.  

Rock salt can cause severe damage to hardwood floors. Not only can rock salt cause stains, but the rough crystals can scratch up hardwood floors. Think of it acting like sandpaper. To help prevent the problem in the first place, place a sturdy mat at the entrance of the home and have guests remove their shoes upon entering the home. Furthermore, homeowners should mop frequently with a neutral floor cleaner to help protect floors from salt buildup.

Another thing homeowners must be aware of is spills during holiday parties. While it can be annoying, a spill must be cleaned up right away. Hosts should have a few damp cloths ready to use when necessary. “A little proactivity can go a long way in making sure hardwood floors aren’t a victim of holiday gatherings this year,” said Bill Raeder, owner of N-Hance Wood Renewal of Summit County. “While hardwood floors face many threats during the holiday season, it doesn’t mean that homeowners need to stand by and watch as their floors endure the wear and tear.” 

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